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@MightBeReign if you want to go to japan i'd highly suggest you to be there for atleast a month or so. I was there…

15 hours ago


Eastern Europe or Japan? That tis the question. My original plan was to go to Japan second half of may but ended up…

19 hours ago

Berlitz von Mandelbrot

@patokon @lianlist Do you have any specific recommendations for Kumamoto, or Kyushu? I'll spend some time in Karatsu.

3 days ago

Samuel Wade

A favourite memory: some overseas students stepping out of the main doors at SOAS into the first snowfall of their…

3 days ago

Melon 🍈 🌈

No one guessed it correctly, huh? Which leads me to a new question: where will the third prefectural adoption of…

4 days ago

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