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I am a novice to politic & government policy. just wake up to it when this government hit me hard with trying stri…

1 month ago

Donald Trump's Mom ❄

It should be easy for Iran to hit The Pentagon. I hear a novice pilot who couldn't fly a single prop plane did it with a 767 in 2001.

1 month ago

Karatia Matz

@JediCat1965 Good. Last thing I need is another novice who can't handle her malefolk. The Hutts we in last week so…

1 month ago


1. I hate raisins 2. I have a hard time sleeping if it's dark (lights on pls) 3. I have a blue belt in taekwondo…

1 month ago


@MRBGbasky OK bro.I mean will you be helping us the novice of the football game with daily odds to bet with to be a…

1 month ago

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