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Katie Mortensen

Seriously, you have no idea how annoying you are.

8 years ago


@Battlefield it didn't seem rushed, the maps are well designed, scavenger is a great game mode and the xbow is an epic idea

8 years ago

Jake Johnson

@CEOoftheEarth @camerondenney @tcrank33 yes bc if it weren't for me the idea would still be sitting on the back burner.

8 years ago


@pettigrew66 good idea! Be proactive!

8 years ago

Coban Jon Garner

I think most people associate sofas with relaxing. I don't think playing dance music on your advert is the best idea

8 years ago


The moment when you have no idea what to reply back to a text message -.-

8 years ago

Darren McDonagh

@samjarvis20 I think that's a very good idea. Less messy and very mortal

8 years ago

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