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@solar_ihiro botかな?

9 hours ago


@prsknt 連泊するの凄いね!楽しそう!🙂 これからの時期は虫増えるか- らちょっと嫌だね〜🙃 テントレンタルなんてあるんだね!僕- 的には自分の物でやってみたいから今年のうちに道具一式揃えて- 行ってみようかな😌

18 hours ago


@ihiro_ch めっちゃいいですね♪

19 hours ago


@ryuji_kuma0527 @solar_ihiro その仲間愛感動しました… しかし無理です…なんとなく無理で- す… 申し訳ありません…

1 day ago

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President Biden

Dreamers are Americans — and I want them to know they have an advocate and ally with me in the White House. That's…

1 month ago

Peter Baker

The Bidens stop at Call Your Mother, the bagel shop in Georgetown, en route back to the White House -- already a bi…

1 month ago


RT @seachanvn56: While suckling, technique is very important, making your son feel powerless when you suckle, that's art. keep their mout…

1 month ago

Do Motorsport People Reply

Tell me a joke, I start. How many DMPRs you need to change a light bulb? 10 000, one keeps the bulb on the positi…

1 month ago