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Dale Lane

@ajdaniel Really really well. One issue with - I need it to prompt on Back/Refresh as a few…

4 days ago

Betsy Schwartz

@flantz fantastic game!!! Small possible bug w/one threnody (SPOILER ALERT) persisted grayed through end.

6 days ago


RT @Jizel_Cian: 나 비색조랑 시호 조합도 좋아해. 아무도 못말리ㅡ는ㄴ 비색ㄱ조 시호한텐 못이길것같ㄷ음... 안보이면 이쪽~! 조직괴멸하고 시호가ㅏ아포톡신 완전해독제 만들ㄹ구잇단 설정 https:…

6 days ago

Fernando Guillen

I thought I've had all the errors I can have in AWS Beanstalk, but looks like there is always room for surprises:

1 week ago

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