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Chris Murphy

Trump's decision to stop ACA payments is nuclear grade bananas - a temper tantrum that sets the entire health system on fire. My god.

6 days ago

Bernie Sanders

Amazingly, we have a president who is trying to destroy the American health care system.

6 days ago

Eric Schneiderman

Our coalition of 19 AGs from across the country is filing suit to stop President Trump’s sabotage of our health care system.

6 days ago

Will Zagorski Jr.

RT @ThomasWictor: (13) It's the fallacious argument of "Appeal to Authority." Argumentum ad verecundiam.

5 days ago

Crunchy Beach Mama

WIN a @Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress and see how you (and your teen!) sleep better at @CrunchyBchMama's #giveaway!

5 days ago