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@mayeden_ @mayerchant ket inclick ko kasano ba haha

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Pablo Lanusse

Tiernos y respetados tuiteros K, ni sus insultos ni agravios lograrán callarme. Menos demostrar el desacierto de mi…

23 hours ago

Tucker Carlson

The whole country has to believe that the system is not corrupt. The Office of Special Counsel is making it very ha…

15 hours ago

Faisal Islam

Normalisation of words “traitor/treachery” to mean “people who disagree with my belief”... Not entirely sure how po…

8 hours ago

Naresh ane Nenu

RT @MaheshFanTrends: #KingOfStyleSSMB New Stills Of @urstrulyMahesh from #ThumsUpCharged Ad ! #SuperstarMahesh !

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Twin Pickle

RT @janinewaite: Msg 4 21+ #MakeTime this holiday season and enjoy friends and family. Give the gift of @Wente Wine. Shop all the yummy win…

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