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Jesse Ferguson

DEMS: let's repair roads and bridges, expand broadband, create jobs in clean energy, lower drug Rx costs, so we can…

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ESA/Hubble #Flashback: The cluster RX J1347.5–1145 is one of most massive known galaxy clusters in the Universe. 🔗…

1 week ago

Linus Tech Tips

That’s it, we are sold out!! THANK YOU @AMDRyzen @AMD for putting 300 brand new Ryzen 9 5900X CPUs in the hands of…

4 days ago

Magister Jezza; Gnomebody

@SharkyPadded Indeed. Abuse of adderall harms people like me who use it with utmost responsibility, staying at the…

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emma carter

the only reason i even found this out was because i went back to renew my Rx after having *been on it every single day for a year.*

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