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@RealJamesWoods Cool cars. I remember when you were on the road driving one of them, had mechanical problems and st…

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real trump quotes

Diet Coke. I will build them very inexpensively.

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RT @innovareai: Here are three benefits of prototyping early on: - You can fail early and inexpensively, as prototypes are much cheaper. -…

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DJ Hurls

@notcapnamerica Be patient and embrace an eclectic aesthetic. You can pick up solid, older furniture inexpensively…

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Green Pace

You can be as innovative as you like and know that your project will be completed safely and inexpensively.

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MLB Network

A tribute to Derek Jeter. From Larkin, Ripken, and Ozzie. Live #HOF2020 coverage begins at 3pm ET on MLB Network

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Ryan Fournier

BREAKING: The New York Times just endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar for President. This is the same “unb…

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RT @apb_reloaded: A new blog post is out! APB in 2020: Quality of life changes, Shotgun Balance and more: Read it here:…

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