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Auschwitz Memorial

17 September 1939 | The Soviet Union invaded Poland, assisting the Germans, as agreed in the #Ribbentrop-#Molotov P…

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P. Chidambaram

I have been reading news stories about protest movements across the world in Moscow, Hong Kong, France, Slovakia, A…

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Guido Fawkes

This is the exact tone I use with Mrs Fawkes when explaining the pictures on Facebook of me from my mate's stag do…

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Swedish Anti-American ☭

RT @Catchwreck3: USSR China DPRK Vietnam Cuba - Laos Ethiopia Burkina Faso Grenada East Germany Poland Hungary Yugosl- avia Romania Albania Cze…

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Lexi Minkkinen

RT @StormchaserUKEU: Beautiful #iridescent clouds display over Uricani, romania this afternoon 18th September! Report @AlexSz12 thank you!…

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