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Todd Sneed

You ever wonder if the inhabitants on other planets call their planet what we call it? Like who are we to call...

6 years ago

Sara Sullivan

The point is, we're just inhabitants of this world. We can't control what it does. I honestly think nature is just restoring a balance.~

6 years ago


@MsIntervention Sad there is only 1 country on Earth with a Jewish majority & that is too many in the eyes of most of her inhabitants

6 years ago


RT @IDFrabbi: I will pour on the house of David and the inhabitants of #Jerusalem the spirit of grace and supplication. - Zechariah זְכַ ...

6 years ago

Brian Killian

"The earth is polluted because of its inhabitants, who have transgressed laws, violated statutes, broken the ancient covenant." Isaiah

6 years ago

Christine Britton

Kids Say the Darndest: 5 yo: The inhabitants of Moscow are called Mosqitoes.

6 years ago

Chris Kircher

I'm tired of all the other inhabitants of this existence. If I could disappear for a while, I would.

6 years ago

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