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Being Sardesai

I think these 'men' are actually Salman Khan fans >> 15,000 men to boycott all Aamir Khan's films until he apologises!

5 years ago


When I read Matt's tweets or interviews, I could actually hear him saying it in his voice O_____________O

5 years ago

Mitesh Karamchandani

RT @jimmyt20: Preparing my CV to get it in ready for the next round of interviews for the Chelsea manager. Can't do worse really can I?

5 years ago


Mike Koenigs Interviews John Assaraf About Brain Performance And Shattering Your Financial Ceiling: Join this fr...

5 years ago


The art of the short story: @JeffreyBrown interviews editor of @parisreview

5 years ago


RT @onedirection: Boys started interviews today!

5 years ago


RT @WHOSAIDWHAT2: #HooliganProblems Not getting anything new on Bruno's new interviews because I already know too much about him.

5 years ago

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