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Rep. Jim Jordan

We applaud the President’s decision to declassify portions of the Page FISA application and communications from the…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Just met John James of Michigan. He has every single quality to be your next Great Senator from Michigan. When the…

1 month ago

Jeet Heer

I want a ven diagram of people willing to argue "Give Kavanaugh a break, he was only 17" and "Trayvon Martin got what he deserved."

1 month ago

Dan Kelley

@PghSuptHamlet Mr Hamlet, Heard you on KDKA using bad grammar. You, sir, are the head of education. I may sound p…

1 month ago

Absolute Hoe❤

RT @STORMlJENNER: people forget that social anxiety isn’t being antisocial or just getting nervous to talk to people. for most people it’s…

1 month ago