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アマゾン新小型タブレット 価格抑えアップル対抗 https- :// 画面サイズが8イン- チで9980円から。価格を抑え、米アップルのタブレット端末- 「iPadミニ」(5万380円から)に対抗する。 前モデ…

1 week ago

Steve Troughton-Smith

If this were what the next iMacs looked like, I would be all over it. It's funny how returning to a classic design…

1 week ago

The College Board

If you want to submit a photo of a handwritten AP Exam answer from an iPhone or iPad, make sure to change your came…

1 week ago

Moontaha⁷⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

RT @kim_makue: I feel sad about this. Hobi is so worried to Jimin because buying an iPad to the store does seem to put them in danger. http…

1 week ago


RT @OT7wrecked: Jimin asked the staff if they used his card to buy the iPad and the staff said Yes! they'll give him the card back later bu…

1 week ago

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