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Tod Little

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7 years ago

Snφφκιε βαlβοά

@TWINYtwinski I've been going on datpiff .. Downloading whatever I want to my computer then putting the folder on iTunes like a regular iPod


7 years ago

⛄ ❄Sam Izat ❄⛄

I'm going to change the name of my ipod to "the titanic" so whenever i plug it in to my computer it says "the titanic is syncing".


7 years ago

Hosna Sediqi

@Get_At_That lmao, it's not working on my sisters ipod D: I'm on the computer trying to finish my report -.-


7 years ago

Benjamin Crowell

@helloravenolin yeah my computer is old & my ipod is old. I need to just restart with apple :( i wanna get an ipad


7 years ago

adrienne mariano

Can someone tell me how to download music in my ipod without connecting to the computer??


7 years ago

Wesley bacon

Just plugged my iPod into a computer for the 1st time in 6 months and it decides to delete all 3,000 songs of mine


7 years ago

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