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Thomas Massie

Twitter has locked Dr. John Lott, the foremost expert on gun crime statistics, out of their platform. “Twitter’s d…

5 days ago

Lesley Abravanel

@realDonaldTrump More media critique from the expert in all things true, ethical and legit. Hilarious!…

11 hours ago

Prashant Kanojia (PK)

5K for Maulana-Pandit on debate 10K for Pakistani expert 5-10K Defence Expert (Retired Officer below CO rank) 0K…

1 week ago


RT @JimsBT510: It used to be people took aptitude tests, worked in field they were best suited for, had great success. Than TV, Internet an…

10 minutes ago

Glé Bervelin

RT @real_defender: @realDonaldTrump It is hilarious to see the media push Anthony Scaramucci as the expert on Trump. This is the same man t…

21 minutes ago

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Julia Kowalska

Media Expert - Sklep internetowy: RTV, AGD, komputery - wygraj 7 x 1000 zł na karcie bonusowej na zakupy w Media Ex…

1 month ago