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Govt of Pakistan

Ministry of Human Rights launched an awareness campaign to educate people about rights of women to inheritance. Fed…

1 week ago

Radio Pakistan

Islam and Constitution of Pakistan guarantee #WomenInheritance rights, says Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazar…

1 week ago


RT @izahid2020: @AbdugheniSabit Uyghurs are not alone, there's some of us trying to raise awareness of their plight. -…

1 hour ago

Anders Breivik

Lings spoke during Islam Awareness Week.

1 hour ago

Quiet Rebellion ☀️ ( Despoinê🌸)

RT @abdulmalikmv: @gulhabo @Qhaany How does one decide a person is an apostate? In Islam, (to my knowledge) one needs to be in sane state o…

2 hours ago

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