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Patriot Kurd

@NightyKay @naissy_q Have no shred of worry, the high political & historical awareness among Saudi youth won’t let…

2 hours ago

The Silent Killer

"FEAR"...sometime it is used to purify the consciousness of human being but most of the time,it adds beauty to this…

5 hours ago

Qur'anic Islam

@hassaan72854232 No ... Because she it is so early. But there was awareness of the abandonment of Qur'an and falseh…

17 hours ago

🌹• cek my pinned tweet please

"China has detained over a million muslims in concentration camps. They are forced to denounce islam, adopt atheism…

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@TeddyorBiff Awareness will be raised? Pigs will fly first. The left and its sick alliances with Islam has made ant…

1 day ago

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