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JGC Holdings Corporation JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration and PETRONAS Conclude Joint Study Memorandum for CCS Proje…

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Cookin_|JAK| 👁‍🗨🆙

Notes from @HAPEsocial |🗣🗺| 🖤 MarketPlace (in development) |MP| 💜Event at #NFTLondon2022 |🎉| 🦍 #HAPEWALK |renders…

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@yazid_yoweli Jx like that bro??? I think we can do Better without letting kinda guyz not to get involved in polit…

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Pierre Poilievre

1001 days ago, they shot down a plane, murdering 55 Canadian citizens & 30 more who called Canada home. I asked a…

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Arthur Schwartz

Joe Biden says he once “lost an awful lot” of his home in a fire. That never happened; he made it up. Totally norma…

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RT @GabsLynnn: I deadass don’t wanna work anymore lol.. I’m so serious!! I’m meant to be a hot stay at home wife who gets up early and goe…

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diverción entre tetas

RT @mzjigglealot: Home alone activities 😊

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