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ridwan kamil

Selamat Isra Miraj 2017. Peristiwa malam dmn Rasulullah naik melewati 7 langit & lahir perintah Allah kpd umat Isla…

1 day ago

Katie Hopkins

I am in the country of my birth, sir. Tell me. If Islam is so fantastic, why do Muslims flee to Christian lands?

1 day ago


Officials in China's Xinjiang region have banned Muslims from giving their newborns religious names such as Islam,…

3 hours ago

Lorenzo Lopez-Mercad

@katyatrendtrade Islam Muslim Arabs r immolation martyrdom suicidal w 73 virgins awaiting across portal,if theyEver…

17 seconds ago

Dr. Marty Fox

RT @DrMartyFox: My Parents Survived #Auschwitz More Would Have Survived If The #Nazis Were Taken Out Earlier STOP Islam TODAY To Save #Ch…

17 seconds ago

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