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No law requires this — separating parents and children is your administration’s choice. Hundreds of kids as young…

1 day ago

Ted Lieu

What makes America great is the Rule of Law. Defense attorneys like Rudy Giuliani don't get to decide if a law enfo…

14 hours ago

James Woods

Trump, like him or not, has “journalists” dancing like cats on a hot tin roof...

15 hours ago

helen delgado

RT @BambiinaBTS: It says here winner get to represent Korea and perform. But Where? Not so clear. ARMY do we want to do this? Or should w…

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RT @20010923won: 🐥 [ONE: THE WORLD] 오로린건 나눔🐥 첫,중콘 나눔으로 진행됩니다❣ 인증 : RT + 티켓 or 너블봉 #슬로건나눔 #워너원콘서트 #워너원나눔 #포카_나눔 #첫콘나눔 #중콘나눔…

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Frightened Rabbit

We have no news to report on Scott’s whereabouts this morning. Your support so far has been incredible and all we a…

2 weeks ago

Thee Trend Setter ™

BAM!! It's Finally time to #GainWithXtianDela! #RETWEET if you are ONLINE! Let me help you gain 1,000 Followers!

2 weeks ago

Divya Spandana/Ramya

Congress party is the first political party in India to launch an online crowdfunding campaign to bring in transpar…

2 weeks ago

Just Me.Rachel.(IMP)

RT @hopenothate: Pressure is mounting on the Conservatives over their reinstatement of Pendle councillor Rosemary Carroll, who shared vile…

2 weeks ago

Jacqueline Thomas

RT @_denisedenise83: @he6rt6gr6m @RespectIsVital @_NikkiHolt @DWP But don’t you think when someone is going through an awful time they shou…

2 weeks ago