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Ini bayi yg ibunya meninggal saat ia dilahirkan. Jantung si ibu didonasikan kpd pria yg berbaju hitam. Perhatikan…

1 month ago

Ted Lieu

Appears @RudyGiuliani lied, again. Also, if the attempted penthouse gift to Putin at Trump Tower Moscow is true, t…

1 month ago

Roberta Bivins

RT @NursingInquiry: Compassion in health care | Is it a solution or a stereotype? How the discourse of compassion shifts responsibility fr…

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RT @chion_in: 【1/1~1/3新年おまいりツアーのご案内】皆さまにとって- 飛躍の年となるように知恩院で新年のお参りをし、心静かなひと- ときを過ごしませんか? 境内をお坊さんがご案内し、簡単なお- 話もいたします。お申し込みはこちら→ https://t.- co/Xfl3LX…

1 month ago

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