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Deborah Meaden

Oh jeez.... “any deal will do”.....seriously #bbcqt

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Jess Brammar

Jeez - independent review into the British Medical Association found an “old boys’ club culture”, which treats wom…

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D2D | Phoenix

@FeelTension Honestly I just felt it in my jellies u was gonna jump cuz u were spacing bair, but yeah thanks omg!!…

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Nick Lowe

jeez more homicides in Howell in 24 hours then my previous 33 years living here

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The New York Times

Facebook refused to take down an ad from the Trump campaign that promoted unsubstantiated accusations about Joe Bid…

1 week ago


BREAKING: California just blocked police from using face recognition surveillance on body cams. Let this be a warn…

1 week ago

Rod Rosenstein

“Russia is waging an information warfare campaign against the U.S. that didn’t start and didn’t end with the 2016 e…

1 week ago

Do RE Me Meredo

RT @nytimes: By blacklisting Chinese surveillance companies from buying American-made technology, the U.S. became the first major governmen…

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RT @GideonCRozner: Amazing how giving children a licence to skip school affects attendance at these things:

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