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I got in the JET Programme but everything is so uncertain right now due to co/vid. I am ED not RD. I hope we will…

3 hours ago

Martin de Champagne #RESTEZCHEZVOUS 🤜🦠🤛

@jdflaysakier @BFMTV Ils ont déménagé (à peine plus loin mais maintenant il y a un gros machin gris qui leur bouche…

9 hours ago

four tablespoons of coronavirus

I made it into the JET programme which is dope, I honestly only applied because certain people were saying it was s…

15 hours ago


I was unsure if this would happen but I've been shortlisted into the Jet Programme for 2020! On the program I will…

1 day ago

Kat "東京、帰ろ! TOKYO, GO HOME" Callahan

@ZackDavisson @docsane @terebifunhouse @Toukochan @frog_kun @wesinjapan @emmaloves_blog @TimEldred @OkazuYuri Yeah,…

1 day ago

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