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The Colonel

Get Typo3 Web Hosting - CMS Hosting by Certified Hosting: Use COUPON CODE: "Get20OffCH" #typo3

1 hour ago

Comic Solidarity | CCON 1L24 | (Web)comic Ini

Deutlicher Kontrast kommt zeitgleich per Mail rein: Die bahrainische Karikaturistin Sara Qaed bekommt am 5.7. in Be…

4 hours ago

Jean Traullé

#TYPO3 9.5.8 est dispo et fixe plusieurs vulnérabilités À vos mises à jour 🙂 (moi, c'est fait ☺️)

4 hours ago

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Donald J. Trump

I was actually sticking up for Sleepy Joe Biden while on foreign soil. Kim Jong Un called him a “low IQ idiot,” and…

3 weeks ago

guitar boy

beyond proud & excited to announce my signature melody maker with @gibsonguitar! it’s been a huge dream of mine to…

3 weeks ago

Tom Fitton

MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD? I estimate at least 900,000 aliens illegally voted in midterms. New numbers out of Texas and…

4 weeks ago

Gender bent Ben Shapiro

RT @BasedDrWorm: Americans to each other: “I hate this country” *Europeans make fun of America* Americans:

3 weeks ago

A Celebration of Life

RT @trippypapa: if any of my tweets ever go viral I hope it’s this one the GRAND CANYON is facing a big problem right now. there’s no nati…

3 weeks ago