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New “Invoice” payment system

1 month ago

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Dan Rather

Any media operation that acts as a stenographer for this president, in headlines or tweets, is at risk for sending…

1 month ago

Robert Reich

I keep hearing that although Trump may be a scoundrel or worse, he’s done a great job for the economy. Baloney. Her…

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.

It’s almost like the whole thing was just an evil political hit job from the get go!!! If they can do it to him the…

1 month ago


RT @ComplexMusic: Missouri nurse loses her job after posting her blackface Beyoncé costume:

1 month ago

Richard James

@ChrisWragge @CBSNewYork @MaryCalviTV So she dressed as you and you as her...??? Great job...!!! I can’t tell the d…

1 month ago