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Mujuni Raymond

"Thierry Henry is the greatest player the Premier League has ever seen, and I can’t prove it, or show it on a graph…

1 day ago

BBC This Week

"Nigel Farage is not, as far as I know, a racist or in any other way an extremist" says #choochoo after Jonathan Po…

4 days ago

BBC This Week

"Have you been struck down by Brexit derangement syndrome?" @afneil asks Jonathan Powell over his #bbctw take of th…

4 days ago

Banburyshire Info

Pub Quiz with Jonathan Stanley Plus: Bang For Bucks Game Show ..where you can win anything from a pot noodle to £…

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Matt Dickinson

RT @TimesSport: "I’ll never forget it, jeepers, I was back where I was before, the trees turning into the stands at Brisbane." In the late…

9 minutes ago

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