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Harsha Sejpal

RT @SOLIDWORKSIndia: Bring your ideas to life with #SOLIDWORKS! Here’s how to build your own CNC machine: #3DSIndia

6 hours ago

L Ghost ✒️🛡️🗝️

@SlavSupremacist Oh yeah? Why not just build an adapter for your x-carriage and turn it into a cnc... your contro…

1 day ago


The charging Ox CNC Machine! Join the OpenBuilds community and post your build: 📸: Motions…

3 days ago

Alan, from Detroit

@WordsWriteWill You could build your own, it is far easier than you might imagine. I could help you with hardware if you would like.

4 days ago

Marc Sallent

@sander_dh @Bleeptrack @ThreadPortraits Looks beautiful! Once you can build your own CNC and G-Code, possibilities…

5 days ago

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