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Sebastian McKenzie

Super Mario Maker 2 Intellectual Property Notices jQuery

2 weeks ago

Rich Harris

reviews like this make me happy, especially the stuff about jQuery, which still guides my software design philosoph…

2 weeks ago


cloudflare 대폭발의 긍정적인 효과 : 나무위키 막힘 cloudflare 대폭발의 부정적인 효과 : cdn.cloudflare의 jquery 등등 쓰던 다른 사이트까지 모두 고장남..

2 weeks ago

Paul Marden

@jminkler @MikeRiethmuller At least you can custom style jQuery. But yui was good for browser based apps.

1 week ago

Navarr Barnier (熊軍平野)

RT @MikeRiethmuller: 2005 - Prototype 2007 - MooTools 2006 - jQuery 2006 - Sass (no scss) 2006 - YUI 2009 - OOCSS 2006 - SCSS 2011 - SMACSS…

1 week ago

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