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SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ''SUPER SHOW 8:INFINITE TIME'' in JAPAN 追加公演決定! 日本公演ならではの演出に加え、ソウル公演オ- リジナルセットリストを組み合わせたスペシャル…

4 days ago

Asha Rangappa

Steve Castor just invoked the kooky Ken Vogel Politico piece as his “proof” of Ukraine interference. The article is…

4 days ago

Crypto Tone Loc

RT @mastermind_cam: A sharp friend once told me binance's whole biz model revolves around giving projects a platform where they can offload…

3 days ago


RT @gtconway3d: Eugene Pontecorvo to juror in Junior Soprano’s trial: “We know you’ll do the right thing.” Trump to Sondland, supposedly:…

3 days ago

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