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Vandal Savage

@CapnBubbsTTV @Dexerto I dont tvink you know what twitch is, it started as irl site wen it was justintv, not a gami…

1 month ago

Shizu - Devil's Canyon Arc - Prepredebut Vtuber

@snugcinder @FreyaAmari Of course they are, Twitch was founded off the back of JustinTV (can't remember the actual…

1 month ago

War Amour

@Gatsurendo @BTheSinner1 @iiValentineii6 Even by the argument about JustinTV not being for gaming, it also wasn't f…

1 month ago

Adrian Cruz

@BTheSinner1 @iiValentineii6 Twitch was originated as a gaming platform. When it was JustinTV it wasn't. Then gamer…

1 month ago

Jammie Layne

That’s why I miss the good ol’ JustinTV days. None of this nonsense. #twitchrespond

1 month ago

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