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Mrs. Lander

Taking an active break in class K-S!

4 hours ago


@merteersoy34 K-S

10 hours ago

Andrew Steffl

Trujillo: What evidence for a far out giant planet? multiple minor planets with perihelia >30AU have argument of pe…

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Morten Myksvoll

Når ein finn på namnet Oslo Metropolitan University, men seier at ein «konservativt forsvare(r) norsk språk». 🙃

8 hours ago

@theagentgalahad Not that he would ever do such a thing in a patronizing manner, though. He just wants the other to…

26 minutes ago

It was indeed. Seier hasn’t slept in a bed in over a year, don’t be so hard on him. A soft yawn, cheek pressed to…

32 minutes ago


@kjkksam não seier

1 hour ago