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@chitaglorya3rd Kanetix

6 days ago


@chitaglorya3rd its kanetix, i just click the wrong answer haha and the link does not exist rn

6 days ago

aj ; freetag

@chitaglorya3rd kanetix

6 days ago

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Edward Snowden

You are holding Julian Assange in a dungeon for exercising the freedom of expression you so ardently claim to defen…

1 month ago

Mohamad Safa

You are driving a German car to an Italian coffeeshop to drink Brazilian coffee and then going home buying Chinese…

1 month ago

Ram Charan

Missed being home for Diwali, but how could I miss a once in a lifetime chance of experiencing love for RRR from th…

1 month ago


RT @RaggedTP: More shocking footage showing a supporter of the Cottesmore Hunt driving into a Hertfordshire fox hunt saboteur at high speed…

4 weeks ago