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RT @goinggaga: Watching my vids of him after he fell... he seems ok? Like he doesn't seem to be in pain and I hope that he would know his l…

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Just a pancake I love his KH in a nutshell vids <3

2 days ago

Sebastian Stan Fact Holder Numero Dos ✌

my friend and i are reliving the 2000s by watching a bunch of kh vids good times

3 days ago

Who Gone Handle Me? I Drop It Low For Jesus!

RT @Nicosaesthetics: @GamerJXT @christsunami_ I was with it until dream drop distance, time travel, overwriting key plot points such as nob…

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Anand Ranganathan

SHOCKING. Hindu woman ordered to distribute Quran as a condition for her bail. She refused. BRAVO. Imagine if a Mu…

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The year is 2025. after a successful raid on area 51 six years ago, aliens now live in harmony with man. Ladbroke…

1 month ago

Steven Crowder

In case you missed it -AOC launches campaign calling immigration detention centers “concentration camps” -Antifa…

1 month ago

Håkan Gunneriusson

RT @simongerman600: Awesome #history #map shows the European nations that were granted aid under the Marshall Plan. Colour indicates if the…

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RT @undertow6150: Open Commission, here some sample from Dungeons and Dragons : Meeting the Emperor #dnd #DungeonAndDragons #tabletopgame…

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