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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Horrifying. You start with the tiny possibility that two officers may be walking over to deescalate the abusive one…

14 hours ago

Natalie Shure

Horrible. A Cinncinnati protester with Type 1 diabetes begging police to return her bag - or at least keep it withi…

1 day ago

g.aetane michelle

.@jackieaina calls on beauty brands to either “Pull up, or shut up.” She’s asking that consumers not buy from bea…

16 hours ago

David Dorn's Life Mattered🇺🇸

RT @derekahunter: Even if you're the left's 99.999999999% friend, you are their 100% enemy because of the missing .00000000001%. They deman…

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Quarinted CP, seeking Churros

RT @nxvmarxist: poland has actual nazis in their parliament and their country jails or kills any person of the lgbtq community, this is exa…

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