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Lipgloss and Lore

Your new world is going to require that you lose people and things that mean so much to you. It hurts. A lot. Go ah…

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RT @Loqiemean: Малой рофлил, что у Стэна Смита один и тот же синий костюм на каждый день, а сегодня поймал себя на том, что у самого висит…

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The 3 cards I pulled as I focused on things I need to accept. #KingofSwords #KingofCups #WheelofFortune 🧿

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Lipgloss and Lore

AQUARIUS SEASON 2020 The beginning of the year always brings thoughts of needing to get your life in order with fe…

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RT @HoroscopeOfUSA: #Aries QueenOfWands #Taurus KingOfPentacles  #Gemini KnightOfSwords  #Cancer QueenOfCups  #Leo KingOfWands  #Virgo Knig…

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