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The Blue Wrench Cult 😎

New video by The Field Report: KIrk's Law Corner Friday 17/01/2020

16 hours ago

Super Bowl 55 Champs

Has anyone seen @PFFs report on Kirk Cousins’ big games showing that he plays about the same if not better in the b…

21 hours ago

Equifax Inc.

@matt_houston I would be more than happy to assist in any way I can. I have received your message. However, I am un…

22 hours ago

Charles L. Freeman

@VeniceMase How much of an edge is it to know what pitch is coming? Ask Kirk Gibson who, because of the advanced sc…

22 hours ago


RT @AlbertoThomas: Oh look it’s the protests in Hong Kong, or is it Iran? No, it’s FRANCE. Don’t worry, we won’t report it.…

1 day ago

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