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Maverick Hunter X: Giga Mission

Has anyone ever realized how awful Legacy of Kain vampires must smell? Even water is basically acid to the touch to…

3 weeks ago

Anna Ginsberg

RT @TheBloggess: Victor travels for work half of his life. Right now he’s on a plane sitting across from a man who brought a box of pizza o…

3 weeks ago


@Annie1But @SantaInc @realDonaldTrump It must be a dilemma for these folks: do they jump ship to escape the madness…

3 weeks ago


@dcs37377 @jsavy @mariedesmaris @ImpeachTheMF123 @jcglezt @Leigh2Mason @lordhuffpuff @Claire27843943 @LeaderErin…

3 weeks ago


Half Baked: a dark horse enters the race! I wasn't expecting to like this one so much. It's crumbly, but not unplea…

3 weeks ago

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