Kroger tweets

Coach Klein

it's the first of the month I'm nothin on going to Walmart or Kroger

10 years ago

The One and Only

Lol my mom just called me to tell me about her trip to Kroger **☺** @Brown_Juwon614

10 years ago

Jorge Gallegos

Getting my healthy meals (@ Kroger)

10 years ago

Austin Coats

Y'all pray for me. Working at Kroger on the first of the month ain't no joke!

10 years ago


RT @theslehman: Shopping at Kroger in onesies. #businessasusual #imactuallyheretoo #itookthepicture #imwearingpajamas

10 years ago

Katie Bargas

"@leahcatherine5: It's colder in Kroger than it is outside. And it's December. #alabamaweather #prettyweird"

10 years ago


@stephreyess wait a second...are we talking about the same kroger**

10 years ago

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