Kroger tweets

Coach Klein

it's the first of the month I'm nothin on going to Walmart or Kroger

7 years ago

The One and Only

Lol my mom just called me to tell me about her trip to Kroger **☺** @Brown_Juwon614

7 years ago

Jorge Gallegos

Getting my healthy meals (@ Kroger)

7 years ago

Austin Coats

Y'all pray for me. Working at Kroger on the first of the month ain't no joke!

7 years ago


RT @theslehman: Shopping at Kroger in onesies. #businessasusual #imactuallyheretoo #itookthepicture #imwearingpajamas

7 years ago

Katie Bargas

"@leahcatherine5: It's colder in Kroger than it is outside. And it's December. #alabamaweather #prettyweird"

7 years ago


@stephreyess wait a second...are we talking about the same kroger**

7 years ago

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