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ΑΕΚ: Κάνε το όπως με Ρόζενμποργκ #AEK |

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RT @yashar: WOW. WATCH @donlemon....

12 minutes ago


RT @DavidCornDC: Don Lemon: "A total eclipse of the facts....Lied to the American people....He's unhinged. It's embarrassing....Without tho…

18 minutes ago


RT @NickKristof: Sigh. If only President Trump denounced neo-Nazis with the passion and the sincerity with which he excoriates journalists.

20 minutes ago


RT @SethAbramson: What we saw in Phoenix tonight wasn't a president speaking... it was public madness. We have to call it what it is: madne…

23 minutes ago

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