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Bandit Scarf Lady @SpeakerPelosi Bring back those golden engraved pens paid for in taxpayer's dollars. The people o…

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ella 💫

i can confess that im that one who's uncle downloaded all the bb and lady gaga albums illegally onto her computer i…

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Mermaid-American ✌🏼🇺🇸

I would greatly appreciate it if my pens and highlighters could kindly stop rolling on the floor. I am not as good…

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Mònica L. Chicano

@acolomar El procés és claríssim. La llàstima és no poder fer que la nostra experiència servesqui per ajudar q no p…

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RT @stardustelf: i was just in a thrift store and i was looking at this desk, and i felt someone walk up next to me and i thought it was my…

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