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My sense is in 90s Swat had some good social science & Latin American studies people but history was essentially GM…

4 hours ago

Lisha Sterling

@thecultureofme @PaolaNotPaolo Major: Latin American studies & Migration studies. First Career: software developmen…

4 hours ago

Nora Benedict

RT @LASACONGRESS: The Call for Papers is out! #LASA2018 BARCELONA MAY 23 – 26, 2018 Latin American Studies in a Globalized World https:/…

7 hours ago

Ami Moregore

@alarkin10 @jetta_rae @Danielleri Chocolate as a drink was a royal drink for Aztecs (I *think*. It's been years sin…

8 hours ago

°•●captain yamamoto

RT @FIULACC: #DYK the B.A. in #LatinAmericanandCaribbean studies allows you to enroll as a double major as well? #F…

13 hours ago

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