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According to some people, we should not say anything to muslims like Mustafa Kemal Pasha. We should keep quiet till…

4 weeks ago

Latest tweets that mention “Muslim Responses to Christianity and Anti-Islam Polemics | Bismika Allahuma”

Anna Kraken

Those who HATE Trump with a passion and say he doesn’t represent Christianity... umm, well neither do you.

3 weeks ago

Anand Ranganathan

The Modi govt has asked all States to consider posting Muslim police personnel in police stations, and Muslim healt…

3 weeks ago

Prof. Akiko Iwasaki

What aspects of antibody responses determine the outcome of #COVID19? In this new preprint by @carolilucas…

3 weeks ago

Skelly the Wolf-Kissed

@johnpavlovitz Another way of putting it would be.... "MAGA Christianity: It's Christianity without the Christianity"

3 weeks ago

Black Lives Matter. Transwomen are women. Fuck ICE

@PhotonAlchemist @bellewriter @ClaireRedacted It's interesting how y'all are tacitly admitting that Gal Gadot would…

3 weeks ago