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Gina Ogilvie

@courtghoward @DrRitaMc When I told my kids that I was going to try SUP yoga, they broke into gales of laughter. An…

25 minutes ago

Sarah Rainsberger

Our "thanks for letting us use your space for rehearsal today" concert made it on the board between laughter yoga a…

46 minutes ago

Cathy Nesbitt

Still not sure about laughter yoga? Ha ha ha check out this short video. Want to add more joy to your life? Just la…

4 hours ago

Anya Amasova

Recently i tried a new thing called "laughter yoga" and found it a bit odd yet intriguing haha .Has anybody tried i…

5 hours ago

Dena Lefkowitz

@rqui Please tell us more about your laughter yoga experience, Robin!

6 hours ago

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Chris Murphy

Republicans were willing to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit in order to pass a giant tax cut for rich people and b…

2 days ago

Donald J. Trump

....proliferation, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, Middle East peace, North Korea and more. There are many answers,…

2 days ago

Sharika Soal

Lol Trump supporters aren't RACIST In what world do a bunch of racists follow a bunch of black people and tweet us…

1 day ago


@CNN Did that so-called study completely involved the whole world or just some group of people that you handpicked…

1 day ago