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Charles Hoskinson

It's not normal for that political foe's brother, who's supposed to be prosecuting this case, to ignore obvious evi…

2 weeks ago

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Candace Owens

The attorney general should have been @JudgeJeanine. People would be in jail by now. That woman is a powerhouse.

1 week ago

Vivek Agnihotri

Give me one reason why we should even doubt for a second that @_sabanaqvi is not a part of #UrbanNaxals Network? Ca…

2 weeks ago

Joyce Alene

Thornburgh was AG when I was hired as an Assistant United States Attorney. I was proud to serve in his Justice Depa…

2 weeks ago

The Slay Network

Never announce your moves before you make them, but when you do make sure it's this significant. Get the look at th…

1 week ago


♫♫ TM NETWORK ♫♫ GET WILD ♫♫ シティーハンター ED ♫♫ @YouTubeさんから なにこれ

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