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ttaB wonoroM

@TuckerLangseth2 that's funny on a few levels hahaha. But yea I got a funny story about all that


7 years ago

Chelsea Luckham

L o l insecurity levels are so high rn


7 years ago


My effort levels for you are declining


7 years ago

Wong Yu Shan

@lihui94 @tan_wei_rong haha that's the a levels schedule but now I'm like sleeping at 3 or 4 plus then waking up at 2 plus


7 years ago

Timeem Taleifeh

RT @LinsdellPT: Eating protein with carbs will help drive up levels of insulin - a hormone that helps facilitate greater storage of musc ...


7 years ago

Antony Wahba

I wish I had something to measure my neurotransmitter levels, badal mana 3amal atzawel fe dema3'y eh elly bye7sal


7 years ago

Michael Noble

RT @iPublicPolicy: Water levels in Lakes Huron, Michigan head for record lows http://t.co/GBfWIhng


7 years ago

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