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#LinkStore by @PowersDev is the best way to download apps directly from your iDevice! rKa

1 month ago

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Linkstore v2 – bookmarking service rebuilt with Elixir, 275kb → 35kb.

1 month ago

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Matt Gaetz

Proof that America can be the best influence on the world when we are the best version of ourself. We can be a be…

1 month ago

Eric Carmen

The real battle is not between Democrats and Republicans. It is between Globalists and Nationalists. Globalists nee…

1 month ago

Burnol for indian

RT @AfridiDuaa: #WakeUpUNandOICforIOK Disconnected from the rest of the world, imagine the plight of beleaguered Kashmiris in the IOK who…

1 month ago