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The myth of the collaborative wonders of the open office debunked in new study. A tyranny of interruption, distract…

1 week ago

Jaclyn Hill

I am disgusted by the people who are trying to create drama, make up lies & dig for dirt in Jon and I’s personal li…

1 week ago


[피서지 몰카와의 전쟁] 첨단장비 동원에 포상금도 지급 경찰청이 지난해 7월 1일부터 8월 20일까지 전국에서 몰카 범죄 집중단속을 벌여 검거한 몰카 촬영자와…

1 week ago


RT @riotwomennn: Wow! The Columbus Dispatch, usually a Republican safe haven, has endorsed the Democrat, Danny O'Connor in Ohio's 12th c…

1 week ago