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@linux_cuz う~ん、どうでしょう(^_^;) ナガシマさんチックに 呟- く( ̄∇ ̄) Ren さん、知らないでしょ? 元巨人軍の名監督です(^_^;)

18 hours ago

امورتي الحلوه💕جددت يا هلا بالمقدم

RT @khaliidvip: كتاب عربي يشرح الخوارزميات وهيكلة البيانات AOj كتاب اساسيات التعامل مع الفوتوشوب He…

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RT @lqez: 색약자가 어떻게 화면을 보게될 지 테스트하는 시뮬레이터. Windows / macOS / Linux 용이 모두 있다. MIT 라이선스 하에서 오픈소스로 제공된다. 네이버 페이지를 띄워보았다. 리포지터리:…

1 day ago

Ren Beeves

@m3lixir Linux is without a doubt one of the most fantastic cat names I've heard

5 days ago

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Kamala Harris

For too long, we have tolerated a campaign finance system that drowns out your voice. I say no more. That’s why our…

1 month ago

Mike Hudema

90% of Australia's households may soon be powered by #renewableenergy. Canada and the U.S. are pushing pipelines.…

1 month ago

Blood Donors India

#Trichy Need #Blood Type : A1-negative At : KMC Hospital. Blood Component : Blood Number of Units : 2 Primary Num…

1 month ago

Mr. Nigga

RT @MCTREEG: Pre-save my new album "WE Grown NOW." on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)

1 month ago

dildeep singh

RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Indore Need #Blood Type : AB-positive At : Sri Aurobindo Hospital. Primary Number : 6266525909 Via: @Nillansh #BloodMa…

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