Loose Cover tweets


I gots ta let loose unda tha cover.


9 years ago

Raige Watkins

Multiple cars are slowing down before driving over the loose drain cover so it doesn't make noise, they are really patroling right now.


9 years ago

Nicole Edwards

So annoyed and wanna sleep but my sheets are washing so I think I'm going to cover myself with all this loose leaf paper that's on my bed **


9 years ago

Claire Elise

@_JeremySpringer you're supposed to cover it until it comes to a boil... That way you won't loose any water


9 years ago

Emily Torres

@TerryMacMusic win or loose I will buy anything u sell or do a cover of. U are so amazing! I hope u win! http://t.co/m3RSWePg


9 years ago


@KassidyGCena You're just a few steps closer!! Don't loose hope. Nikki is just a cover up.


9 years ago

Steven Crawford

Can't cover, can't even fall on a loose ball.... Kareem Jackson is trash


9 years ago

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