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Marshall Julius

When a bounty hunter's planning to kill you in cold blood, what's the harm in shooting first? From #StarWars' Despe…

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Rahul Kohli

2 episodes down and already #TheMandalorian is fast becoming my favourite Star Wars story since Disney acquired Luc…

1 day ago

Jon Erlichman

Disney milestones: 2019 Disney+ 2018 buy Fox 2012 buy Lucasfilm 2009 buy Marvel 2006 buy Pixar 1995 Disney Cruises…

6 days ago

Chris Sipe

@DDayCobra You’d think that if the studio could make some@money off of it, it’d be a no brainer...but then I rememb…

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🦃Aerdna #DaisyRidleyGang (7 Days 'til my BDay)🎉

@SW_takes SW fanboys: We’Re NoT aTtAcKiNg LuCaSfIlM's EmPlOyEeS! wE wErE jUsT cRiTiCiZiNg ThE mOvIeS!!!!!!!" Also…

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