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10 games to get to know me 👽Halo 🛡️Dark Souls 📖Myst 🌃Deus Ex: Human Revolution 💥Starcraft 🟡Little Big Adventure 🏰K…

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Jason Létourneau

10 games to get to know me 🔫 Contra 🕹️Street of Rage 2 🥋Shenmue 1&2 ⚔️Skyrim 🥷🏿Metal Gear Solid 3 💉Hitman Blood M…

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あと、完全に個人の趣味だけど Machinarium(マシ- ナリウム)も面白いです。 謎解きゲーム! https://- #石神へレコメンド

4 hours ago

Roksana Lab 🇺🇦

@SentientFirefly I think I am now at a point where I could replay machinarium, because I have forgotten all the small riddles 🤔

5 hours ago


10 games to get to know me • ToeJam & Earl (the whole series, especially the 3rd game from 2002) • Jet Set Radio F…

5 hours ago

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